Short Documentaries I made with Luksuz Produkcija

Here are some short documentaries I made with two others as part of a ten day workshop in Slovenia under acclaimed Serbian fim-maker Želimir Žilnik. The wonderful thing about the workshop’s with Luksuz Produkcija is that you come to a city unknown to you to conceive, shoot, edit and screen your short documentary within the time constraints of 10days. It can be challenging making contacts and finding a story that appeals to you but working in this way makes for an unbelievably fulfilling experience.

Other than the intensive work schedule, there are up to eight different groups of six from different countries so it’s once in a lifetime opportunity to work with people from different cultural backgrounds, a situation that can be enlightening and may not arise working at home in Ireland.

What makes the approach of Tom, Želimir and the other mentors so refreshing is their laid back, yet highly informative approach. The boundaries and formalities of the university classroom fall to the wayside and with that comes an easier more effective way of learning. I can genuinely say I learned more during two workshops with Luksuz Produkcija than I did